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The most significant contributor to a pleasing and successful renovation or installation project is the prior preparation and design work. The Design Center, supervised by Lisa Bedson, is the place to start for it not only has an extensive reference library of patterns and materials but has many of the most popular tile patterns installed on the floors and walls. The combination of a professional designer and the ability to review before installation gives immediate feedback to the customer of what can be expected and achieved.

Design Consultant - Lisa Bedson  

Lisa Bedson


Design Consultant

20+ years design experience

Interior Design Training and Certification


"I keep up-to-date on trends in kitchen and bath design and all material necessary for a pleasing interior space

  Design Center

No matter how good the design, the preparation and installation of the project is the true test. Success is totally dependent on supervision, attention to detail, continuous feedback from the customer, and the technical proficiency of the installers. Every project has its own unique characteristics and problems yet all problems are solvable with an experienced and dedicated work force.

Design Consultation

Chris Bedson


Project Manager and Supervisor

Over 40 years on Construction Projects

Our installation crews are true artisans with extensive training in all aspects of the process who can bring our designs to life.

Implementation of Design

Basic in store design is complimentary with materials purchase; in home design service available $250 2 hours (+$100 per additional hour)design work deducted from invoice once work is completed.

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